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    Thu 11 Sep 2014, 21:00
    Message by Pegabella - Aw Sheet son (lol)
    Name:  Sage Remedy

    Race: Pegasus
    Age: 19
    Sex: Female
    Cutie Mark: A floral print spear

    Appearance: Dark grey-Blue coat with a darker blue mane that has reddish-purple streaks. Wears a flower crown matching the pale pink color of her eyes. She has spider bite piercings on her cheek dimples

    Implants: Fangs that feed poison into whoever she bites. Hearing Implants that increase her hearing to the point where she does not need Eyesight at all to know the exact placement/movement of a creature. Increased Hearing also improves Balance considerably. hind hoof implants that have retractable blades, along with supreme balance and durability. Small implants at the base of the wing that increase speed by puffs of air.

    Unusual Traits (not mandatory and can be left empty): She is abnormally tiny, in height and weight, making it easy for her to fit into small spaces. Her size also makes her better in both agility and flight, allowing her to fly fast, and navigate much easier than a normal sized pony

    Combat: Close range
    Weapon Skills: Bo-Staff, Blades, Hoof to Hoof
    Weapons Available: An extendable spear with pointed ends that can fit into her belt when not in combat mode

    History: Grew up in Canterlot with her two parents and three brothers. She was always quiet, and mysterious. Her father enrolled her in a combat school so she could train in the arts of close combat to become a royal guard. Instead of going out with her friends after class, she would go to the Canterlot park and sit under trees, observing nature. Sage found an affinity for plants within herself, and decided to study herbs and all sorts of plants she could use to her advantage. She often traveled away from Canterlot to adventure through forests to seek out new species of plants and herbs. Worried about her safety in the forests, her father forced Sage into getting hoof augments for self defense, along with hearing augments to allow her to fight, even without the use of her eyes. She then went ahead and got wing augments, that allow her to soar higher and faster than the average winged pony.


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