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Post by King of batponies on Tue 04 Mar 2014, 00:15

We are a pretty mature forum, if you can't handle a bit of sex talk and jokes and occasional NSFW links then you're probably better off not staying. 

Rule breakers will be warned/banned.

These are the rules:

Chat Rules
1. Be nice.
2. Respect chat mods, and all users.
3. Pictures are only allowed if you put them in spoilers with the [spoiler] code.
4. Don't spam.
5. Don't get angry if people don't respond right away in the chatbox, there's no notification sounds and we might not always be tabbed into it!
Moderator rules
1. Do not use your powers of being a moderator to intimidate other users into doing what you say.
2. Moderators are not above the site rules--your status can be removed if you don't play fair.

Forum thread rules:
1. DO NOT POST PORN PICTURES OR WE MIGHT GET BANNED! If you want to discuss nsfw and link stuff then do it in the chatbox.

Skype chat guidelines

Use the chat for when calls are up only please, don't spam 10-15 people with messages about random crap if you really want to talk with people about stuff that isn't related to anything in the chatbox or the call then make your own group.

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